Artist Statement


My project “Living Monuments” captures the beauty of abandoned factories through photographs. I have been interested in the appearance of decaying factories for several years. The exact reason is a mystery to me. It could be the fact that the geometric angles move my eye across the structure from one point to the next. Perhaps it is that the large flat concrete areas create a canvas perfect for exhibiting the shadows created by textured objects. In my photograph “Angels in the Architecture”, the shadows formed by the protruding bricks create a halo effect on the factory wall.  My photographs capture the beauty of abandoned factories that many others consider ugly. Some of the photographs contain bright colors creating a bright feeling. Others exhibit subtle tones of color.

Not only are factories aesthetically beautiful, factories are very much full of life. The factories are full of life because they change every day. Their life has been impacted not only by the weather and passing time, the people who once worked in the buildings add to the factory’s history. Not only do my photographs capture the beauty of the buildings, they depict the fact that these factories have lived a life. For example, though the building in “Arose Among Thorns” is crumbling, these imperfections caused by its interaction with the environment contribute to the factory’s subtle colors that were not visible when the building was new. Though abandoned and decaying, these factories now stand as monuments representing strength, history, and beauty.

February 15th, 2010